Pet-Friendly Accommodation Greenough

Family Accommodation Greenough

Our Family Accommodation Greenough consists of two beautiful handmade accommodation options – The Loft & Studio. Both of the Pet-Friendly Accommodation Greenough are ideal to match your any accommodation needs at extremely affordable charges.

Greenough Nature Stay’s ‘The Loft’ is an extensively recommended accommodation amongst couples, who want to enjoy solitude and spend relaxation only with each other in making love. Our ‘Studio’ is an ideal place to accompany groups and people who are ready to adjust with the same ideology person. Our Family Accommodation Greenough/ Studio will consist of the following –

  • 1 King Bedroom (1 Large-Size Bed)
  • 1 King Bedroom (1 King-Size Bed)
  • 1 Bedroom (2-Single Beds)


The team of Pet-Friendly Accommodation Greenough is ready to offer you with customer-centric services, and you will get a modern kitchen accompanied with every reservation. At Greenough Nature Stay, our completely modular kitchen is equipped with a rice cooker, a microwave, a capsule coffee machine, and free WiFi facilities. Both of Greenough Nature Stay’s The Loft & Studio Apartments have split system air-conditioners to offer you relaxation throughout the holidays.

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