Luxury Accommodation Geraldton!

Welcome You All To Our Luxury Accommodation Geraldton!

Our Nature Accommodation Geraldton comprises of two delightful handcrafted accommodation options – The Loft & Studio Apartments. Our Luxury Accommodation Geraldton has been designed by the founder Max. He has used recycled timbers & the leftover of buildings to decorate accommodations in a unique way.

Greenough Nature Stay is situated on 15-acres of domesticated farmland that has the potential to offer you relaxation and a soothing atmosphere. Our Nature Accommodation Geraldton is within walking distance from Greenough Nature Trail located beside the River Greenough. This picturesque property is just eight-minutes to Cape Burney Beach & fifteen-minutes of drive to the City of Geraldton.

Here you can enjoy solitude, peace, and creative spaces to enjoy switch off and complete relaxation. Our Luxury Accommodation Geraldton has further been ranked as one of the top-ranked airbnb to stay with your companions at comparatively affordable rents. To know details of Greenough Nature Stay’s Nature Accommodation Geraldton facilities, look for the accommodation page right now!

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